Rant From A Fierce Kitten

After Daddy and I shared our special time things went sideways. Not with us. With outside, real life stuff. I got a cancellation notice in email from our car insurance company. I called quite sure I’d paid the bill long since. The woman on the phone was calm and very kind. As we talked I looked to see if I’d actually sent it. I found … Continue reading Rant From A Fierce Kitten

Working my way back to center.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed… until I went to the bathroom and remembered we have no water. The weight of the world sank down upon me yet again. It’s so hot here today I can hardly think straight. I hadn’t had a shower in 2 days and felt physically disgusting. That hot, sticky kind of gross. I rarely get actually dirty. My hair … Continue reading Working my way back to center.

Practice in Patience & Acceptance

Today, i get to practice what i preach. Patience, acceptance, gratitude. i went to use the downstairs bathroom not long after Daddy left for work today. i found the entire bathroom floor flooded. Neither of us have used it at all today so i knew it wasn’t an overflowed toilet. i ran upstairs to deal with the immediate need at hand, grabbed a huge stack … Continue reading Practice in Patience & Acceptance

Don’t worry, distract yourself!!

There are a couple of house issues which keep popping up. lol Of course, they always reach a point of needing attention at 9pm on a Friday night when Daddy’s at work. I’ve been sitting here googling home maintenance issues and solutions when I have no idea what the Hell I’m talking about when it comes to plumbing. lol You know, the woman who goes … Continue reading Don’t worry, distract yourself!!