Life in the new normal

Nope, i’m not going to talk about Covid 19. So not gonna do it!!! 🙂 The new normal is having Daddy home and our blossoming patterns. When He first moved to California we were graced with the ability to have almost 2 full months together uninterrupted. It was a dire need at that time. We’d been online for about six months at that time with … Continue reading Life in the new normal

Don’t worry, distract yourself!!

There are a couple of house issues which keep popping up. lol Of course, they always reach a point of needing attention at 9pm on a Friday night when Daddy’s at work. I’ve been sitting here googling home maintenance issues and solutions when I have no idea what the Hell I’m talking about when it comes to plumbing. lol You know, the woman who goes … Continue reading Don’t worry, distract yourself!!