I Wish You Saw What I See

Last night I was talking to my bestie and he was telling me how disgusting his body is on pretty much every level. He wasn’t doing a little complain session about the 5 pounds he put on or the little changes from age that we all occasionally bitch about. No, deep down he really sees himself this way. It breaks my heart knowing that’s what he sees and feels. He’s beautiful inside and out! I remember feeling like that about myself for the first 34 years of my life. Nothing anyone says or does could convince me otherwise and the same is true of my friend.

When I look at him I see a very handsome tall blonde man.

I see his piercing blue eyes.

I see how his ass fills a pair of jeans perfectly.

I see a smile that lights up the room and a laugh that sends joy through my heart.

I see a man with nice legs.

There is nothing about this man that is ugly or disgusting.

I see how people look at him admiringly.

I’m proud to be with him when people assume we’re a couple.

There is so much about him that is wonderful and endearing besides his looks. He’s intelligent to a point I feel stupid around him sometimes. He’s funny and sarcastic. He’s a great dancer, a wizard with computers, a loyal good friend and the list just goes on. He has confidence in these areas. I wish he could see what I see about his physical being.

5 thoughts on “I Wish You Saw What I See

  1. Always our own worst critics it is so hard for us to see ourselves through others eyes. I understand both from your side and his side. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could actually provide a mirror that showed someone what we saw when we looked at them? Or a movie played out from behind so that they can see how they look from afar.
    🙂 Have a good Sunday PS You are an amazing friend.

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