I Wish You Saw What I See

Last night I was talking to my bestie and he was telling me how disgusting his body is on pretty much every level. He wasn’t doing a little complain session about the 5 pounds he put on or the little changes from age that we all occasionally bitch about. No, deep down he really sees himself this way. It breaks my heart knowing that’s what … Continue reading I Wish You Saw What I See

Pin Up Glamour

There is comfort in being married. Settling in, finding routine and sadly, taking for granted that you’re loved, desired and no longer on the market. I’m somewhat guilty of this myself. The glamorous look of hair and makeup done daily, stylish pin up clothes showing off my curves and ample cleavage have reduced to a simpler look. I’ve gained a few pounds which sadly adds … Continue reading Pin Up Glamour

Real Life with Bipolar Disorder

Real life with bipolar disorder isn’t quite like you see in the movies and on TV. It can, but mostly not. For those of us who are medication compliant, those wild mood swings are tampered down making it easier for everyone around us, but most importantly us! I’ve always been affected by the change of the seasons quite dramatically. The hardest for me are always … Continue reading Real Life with Bipolar Disorder

Does being a housewife make me less worthwhile? No!

Does working and having a career give your life meaning? This is not a rhetorical question. In all sincerity, does working make life worthwhile? Does it mean that you are worth more because you work outside the home? Are you more valuable because you’re able to work? Is a person who does not work, for whatever reason, less valuable? Is their life lacking meaning? I … Continue reading Does being a housewife make me less worthwhile? No!