Uber Driver TMI

I’m a social, chatty person and will pretty much always be at least a little social with a driver. It’s polite. I’m not the Driving Ms Daisy type of passenger where I can’t be bothered to be polite. There have been many times that I’ve wished I’d not been socail at all in taxis and with Uber drivers. Today was the worst offender EVER!

I asked the guy how long he’d been driving for Uber. This simple question led to him giving me exact date, how much he pays a month for his car in a personal loan interest free and that he lives in his car allowing him to save, but is looking for a van so he can fully stretch out compared to the backseat of his Honda Accura which he was driving us in.

Despite the fact that the man himself and the car were spotless, I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I didn’t have a moment of being really taken aback and grossed out that I was sitting in his bed. After a few moments I realized what I was really feeling was a hard core boundary violation. He put me in an awkward position with an overshare that would make anyone uncomfortable.

I was hiring this man for a professional service. There are socially appropriate things to share with strangers and even more so when you’re in a business setting. Using your personal vehicle without a manager overseeing what happens doesn’t change what is and isn’t appropriate content.

I see value in what he’s doing to meet his needs. Homelessness is extremely difficult and even harder to get out of. He was clean and his car was immaculate so the issue wasn’t him living in his car, it was knowing far too much in an inappropriate setting.

11 thoughts on “Uber Driver TMI

  1. I understand this completely— it’s a breach of the uber comfort you have asked and signed up for because by clicking the app, you were also clicking to find a vehicle that would not only take you to your destination but will take you to that place without having to feel uncomfortable and put on the spot.

    That’s for sure why they included that button “driver was talking so much” in the evaluation part because that should have been a friendly but quiet ride.

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    1. Great points! My husband recently installed the app when our car needed to be in the shop for several days. (One car family) He had a number of drivers make very derogatory comments about a slue of things ending with the chap today. I’ll have to ask if he’s reviewed this guy… or if he will.

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      1. Reviews are really important to them and Uber actually takes an action in that regard. I was harassed once by an Uber driver (I am an expat in Saudi Arabia) and the Uber management from Europe made sure that they’d investigate on the matter and while @ it, they assured me that I will never be matched with that driver ever again. I’ve been using Uber since 2015 and I’ve had so many horror stories however, they’ve monopolized the registered car service here so I’m left with no choice since I don’t drive.

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  2. WOW as an ex Uber Driver i am so sorry this happened to you. I was a preferred driver very high rating over 10,000 passengers. i tried to be professional all the time but i had a few complain and give me a bad rating and review usually, when that Happened i was contacted by Uber and counselled. So rating and being honest in a review is important and someone at Uber cares.
    i left Uber when the Pandemic starting getting bad 31 March last day i drove.
    Be careful Be safe
    Peace N Love

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      1. i would some times get complaints about other drivers and always point out that ratings matter. Well and you know the sub in me is always trying to please even as an Uber driver. If the passengers only knew

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      2. that’s good that you can feel a Dom but i haven’t been that lucky to have that sense. Heck, i knew and had Mistress Kate as my secretary for 6 years and it was 4 years after i retired and 2 after She reitred that She reached out to me. Lucky me She said She always knew i was submissive but didn’t do anything about it because i was the “boss”

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