Originally posted on Fetlife June, 2018 when Daddy and i were still very new.


Hours of tension filled texting
Aching to hear Your voice
Your voice washes over me
Soothing, Commanding, Sensual
Aching to feel You
The never ending ache for You
Your hands in my hair
Lips at the nape of my neck
Your hot breath in my ear as You growl commands
Pulled tight against You
Melting into Your strength
Your huge hand possessively in the small of my back
Aching to surrender to You
Whispered promises to be Your good girl
Pushed to my knees
Aching to worship Daddy’s big cock
Devoted lips and fingers serving Daddy’s desires
Pulsating cunt and tingling nipples
The ultimate ache
Aching for Daddy to claim me once again
Your handprint graciously left upon my sweet ass
Sore joints from the struggle against Your restraints
Bruised nipples from Your delight in teasing me while clamped
Aching to scream for You
Begging You to allow me to cum
Edged and pushed to my limits
Whiny begging from a desperate babygirl needing release
Forced to orgasms til You are content
Held tight in Your strong arms
Aching to hear “That’s MY good girl”
Then it begins again… my never ending ache for You.

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