Nearly all subs have been punished at some time or another. If you haven’t, just wait. Your time will come. *sigh* It’s the nature of the beast. Especially when it comes to punishment, safety must come first!!

Punishments are intended to modify behavior. You don’t get to choose your punishment, however, in the negotiation of your relationship talking about punishments and limits should be one of the things done. Most of us know what type of punishment is most effective for us and what will be off limits. Note that FUNishments aren’t punishments. 😉 If you don’t know about punishments or are new to the scene and haven’t tried many things, it’s a good time to sit with your Dom and research things.

As a green, newbie sub I was ordered to put nipple clamps on as a punishment. I was told to keep them on until he told me to remove them. Here’s where things went wrong. He forgot? Got busy? Whatever the deal is, but I never got the order to remove them. I was obedient and kept them on until I couldn’t stand them any longer… to the tune of 3 HOURS! Yes…. you read that right. 3 fucking hours!

I didn’t do any research about nipple clamps before using them. I trusted my dom to take care of me. BIG MISTAKE!!! Please know what you’re using, safety guidelines and proper usage before you allow ANY toy to be used on you. Safety first, friends. Long after the incident, I told a guy who was considering me about the incident. He shook his head enraged because that was abusive on the part of the dom and put me in danger. Short periods of time, like in the 15-20 minute zone MAX for nipple clamps. At 3 hours, I could have done permanent damage to my body! I hope you take a moment to read the following safety guide on using nipple clamps. https://sexualityresources.com/ask-dr-myrtle/anatomy/how-safely-use-nipple-clamps

Anal play is all kinds of fun!! Some like it more than others and different types. Not all anal play requires toys or penetration. Quite some time ago, I wrote about a disastrous event where a small vibrator got lodged inside my anas. There was no string attached and there were serious safety issues for me. My consent was broken and a long list of other things.

It’s imperative to remember that the anus is fragile. Thin skinned and tons of blood vessels. Doing things wrong could mean more than discomfort. Bleeding out is a real thing from anal play gone wrong. The horror stories I’ve heard would curl your hair!

Butt plugs are great fun!!! They’re a good tool for punishment, if used correctly. Again, remember… safety first!!! Take a moment and read through this article about safely using butt plugs. It goes through choosing the right one, insertion, cleaning, how long to wear them and the dangers of leaving them in too long. Just because you don’t feel discomfort doesn’t mean damage isn’t being done!!! https://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/

This list is far from exhaustive!! I may come back and cover more at a later date. Remember that punishment is meant to teach and guide, shape your behavior. Doing actual harm in any way is never part of punishment! Know how to protect yourself don’t rely soley on your Dom to protect you. Life happens. Mistakes are made and not all Doms are honorable with your best interest at heart.

11 thoughts on “Punishments….

  1. One Saturday when now deceased ex-wife #2 had to work, I was feeling the need for some “autoerotic stimulation”. And suffice it to say that a vibrator came apart in my rectum. Well, a trip to the ER and a little surgery fixed me right up. The ER was at the hospital where ex-wife#2 worked. Nothing more was ever said about the incident.

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    1. Yikes!!! Glad you weren’t hurt!!! The guy I was with when the vibe got lodged opted to remove it with needle nose pliers, despite me repeatedly telling him no and to take me to the ER. Bad situation all around. Never saw him again after that!!!!


  2. Wow thank you for posting this. I haven’t done much sexually but the ideas of nope clamps and plugs were always a topic for my previous Daddy. Him and I are new to this and I wouldn’t have thought about this much. Now I know to read everything even on things you think are no big deal.

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    1. Me, too! I had no idea there were dangers associated with either of them until I had someone point it out to me…. plus a bad experience or two. My nipples were bruised and painful for almost 2 weeks!!! No bueno.


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