My Favorite

I originally posted this on Fetlife on October 8, 2017. I wrote it about 3 different men I was talking to and playing with at the time. Each so very different. Each met different needs and held special places in my life. All have gone the to the wayside, as tends to happen in life. Remembering those special guys that helped me along my kink journey.

My Favorite

Funny what draws us in and makes us crave more. Fet is filled with strong, dominant men who openly pursue the object of their desire. Some with sheer animal magnetism and bold demands of submission. Others with more intellectual and humorous flirtation with an aim to dominate and please.

Voices and words caress me like a lovers touch. Sometimes smooth and gentle, others harsh and demanding pushing me to yield to desire…challenging me to push my limits til I scream in pleasure. Soothing words draw me near, holding me tight as I return to homeostasis.

Laughter, friendship, banter, flirtation….always desires lurking beneath the surface.

Words build anticipation, keeping my mind and body filled with desire for you and the need for sweet release. Tensions building until I can stand no more and I’m told to cum. Promises for the next encounter ensue.

Words rush through touching every part of me.

Laughter, friendship, banter, flirtation….hidden needs being met.

Words are sometimes shy and unassuming. Always there… always kind. Hearts and desires shared. Time spent. Interests shared. I smile in anticipation of the next words.

You Are My Favorite!

8 thoughts on “My Favorite

  1. Really glad I spotted your blog post! I’m a narrator who recently worked with an erotic fiction author, and I’m suddenly discovering a whole new world. Thanks for mentioning the fetlife site. Until a moment ago, I didn’t know such a place existed.

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