Struggling Today

Honestly, my daily life isn’t all that different. i’m a housewife and my personal routine isn’t all that different. Why am i struggling then?

This fucking asthma flare just isn’t getting better. i’m half way through the prednisone taper and i’m at that homicidal point of everything being too much. Don’t breathe! Don’t walk by my house! Keep your fucking kids QUIET! Stay in your house FFS! Add that to teary and whiny and i’m a hot mess on roller skates!!!

i’m struggling to keep myself together.

Today is one of those days that i really need Daddy to be home… and He’s not. It just feels like too much. i’m really little and i can’t help it.

i’ve reached that point where i’m so funky that i don’t even wanna be around myself.

i can’t get up and do the dishes or little things to distract myself. i can’t breathe well enough to do them without wiping myself out and making it all that much worse.

So… i’m a crabby, sad little here by herself trying to hold it together one more day while the world around me is going insane. *sigh* Holding on best i can til Daddy gets home. Only 6 more hours….

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