Religious Rant

FFS people, if you actually think that the christian god has struck the world with the corona virus to shut down sports, movie theaters and other things to bring people back to faith…. and prayer will make this god restore the world YOU”RE INSANE and need to keep your fucking mouth shut!!!

This is a dangerous line of thinking and spouting this crap puts lives in danger. If I pray everything will be alright. It’s god’s will has never worked out well for people.

If there’s been any time in my life that religion is at it’s most dangerous this is it! Follow science! Follow logic! This so called god isn’t going to fix.

If prayer helps you stay calm and able to deal with what’s happening then pray in the quiet of your homes without telling the fucking world that god is wreaking havoc on our planet so we’ll listen and be devoted.

For once in your fucking life…. KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT!!!!

9 thoughts on “Religious Rant

    1. It’s sad, really. Taking something meant to be peaceful and calming and turning it into fear and hatred is the worst part of it. Not the belief and faith itself, the people who follow and how they act. 😦

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    1. I know. Me, too.

      This isn’t the time to promote more fear than everyone already has. Christian shame, guilt and apocalyptic preaching by anyone on a social platform is irresponsible right now. More so than usual. Infuriates me!!

      Thanks for the comment, Brian. 🙂

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      1. Yes, there are many Christian sects that do, actually. That’s the part that upsets me most. Have you not had a Jehovah’s Witness come to your door and read any of the information they give you or talked to one? That is one of the groups that has the apocalyptic view of Christianity. Hell fire, brimstone and damnation.

        I don’t allow religion, in any form, into my life. Certainly not those with views like this. Sadly, this was coming from a person I called a friend. It wasn’t on a blog.

        People of faith are fine, I just won’t talk about it at all. My views are equally as upsetting to them as theirs are to mine. The old rules of engagement I learned at home. Don’t talk about Religion or Politics. Life goes much better and there is more peace when we don’t.


      2. Oh, I’m sorry that happened to you… I would hope friends don’t do that. We’ve had people proselytising but I always think its not most people. The Christian friends I have are really respectful, though maybe they’re not the norm. Life is definitely better without religion or politics unless you can both be respectful and are both interested in it.
        Sending hugs…

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  1. I stay from all things like that because it annoys me. I don’t read what they write or say, and it doesn’t bother me because I don’t even know what it said. And as long as people are respectful, writing what they think or believe for themselves- as in on their own blogs not others – it doesn’t bother me. For just as I don’t believe in things they do, they are allowed to think whatever they want.
    Sending hugs your way…
    I hope you’re feeling better and better every day.
    Love, light, and glitter

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