Today’s the big day!

I’ve been writing about my house and the failures of the trustee for almost as long as I’ve had this blog. After many battles to get enough money to hire a good attorney and find one who would take on my case based on the litigation involved… today is the court date officially removing said trustee and appointing my husband! Yes, there will be a celebration in our home tonight!!!

Several major things will happen along the way. First off, the current trustee has broken the law and must repay a fair sum to the trust. I wish I could see his face when the order comes down! The judge may order repayment above and beyond what he stole. *here’s hoping* Once the financial handling is turned over to Daddy in the next couple weeks a massive check will be written to me from the trust account for all of the insurance money which wasn’t used to repair the home. Yes, that means I can FINALLY get the house 100% complete after 14.5 months of various stages of crap!!

The final stage is the most exciting for me!!! My lawyer is working out an agreement with my 3 siblings to break the trust altogether and sell the house with the majority of the proceeds going to me. Hopefully this won’t take very long. I’ve been looking forward to this part for a VERY long time!!!!

Today is the first major step in moving on.

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