Losing My Shit!!!

I’m so fucking angry and upset I can’t begin to put words to it! All I can say is that I’m between sobbing and breaking shit. I want to do both at the same time.


I need $5,000 to hire an attorney to even TOUCH the trust and trustee situation. Where the fuck am I going to get $5k?! Social Security is holding my back pay for who the fuck knows how long. $5 grand wouldn’t be an issue. Hell… NONE OF THIS would be a fucking issue!!!

The bank put a hold on Daddy’s paycheck until November 28th. WTF?! Seriously?! So even though He got paid today we can’t actually have access to the funds until it’s almost NEXT payday?!

C’mon life….. RAPE ME A LITTLE MORE! I fucking dare you!!!

This is beyond what meditation and exercise and healthy lifestyle will fix. I’m stuck between a goddamned rock and a hard spot with no fucking way out!!!

10 thoughts on “Losing My Shit!!!

  1. Speaking of the few times in my life I’ve had to deal with Laywers, is there a way to set up a payment plan with the lawyer? I know that’s probably not what you want to read in the comments section of this post, but laywers are people too and sometimes they’re willing to help out when they can?

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    1. None of them have been willing to do payment plans. I’ve asked! The case is so complex and involved that a $5,000 retainer has been the minimum to even get started.

      The guy today gave me information on a referral agency which helps folks like me without a ton of money get the legal help they need on a sliding scale. I put the call in, did the application and hoping to be connected with someone soon.

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      1. I’m sorry! I know it was a stupid suggestion, I just remember I had to look around through several lawyers to find one that would help me. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I know it can be really tough. Sending my thoughts.
        I wish I was a lawyer and could help.

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      2. Not a stupid suggestion at all! I tried it myself. 😉 Thanks for wanting to help. That’s help in and of itself. Some days you just gotta scream and shake your first at the world so you can move on and get things done. Today was that day for me.

        Much better now. Things aren’t fixed, but moving in a positive direction.


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