The Real Me #3

The Really You #3

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 03

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What is or who is The Real You? No, really, as in the real you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the real you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

What makes you laugh, as in really laugh hard?  i have a really good sense of humor and pop off one liners and stuff all the time. Daddy and i always joke that i’m the “straight man” in our comedy team. We’ve had more than a few belly laughs over this comment. 😉 We laugh all the time at home. Most of my belly laughs come from the conversations and inappropriate comments zipping back and forth between the two of us. Until you’ve sat down for a visit in our home, you have no idea the level of humor and banter and absolute silliness that happens in our house.

i can’t tell you specifically what’s going to make me belly laugh at any particular moment. Spontaneity is the cornerstone of humor. What i can say is that my sense humor is extremely dark! Have you heard of the comedian Anthony Jesselnik? The man makes me howl til it hurts!

Understated, dry humor will usually get me, too. Honestly, when Daddy starts acting out a story i’m destined for laughter!! Innuendo is another that’s bound to get me, too. i like humor that’s got an element of intelligence to it.

my dirty little secret is that i thoroughly enjoy bitchy, snarky sarcasm to the point of it being almost a necessity in my life. i pick and choose with whom, when and where but it’s hardwired in my personality. Always has been, always will be. i don’t want that to go away. A sure fire way to get me into hysterical laughter is get into a snark fest with Daddy or my friend, T, or for a real good time… the 3 of us. OMFG!!!

A fun fact? The first time Daddy heard me fall into fits of laughter til i couldn’t breathe He knew He had to marry me and has strived to hear that laugh as often as possible. ♥ Go ahead and awwwwww! i did when He told me that. It was quite recently. i’ve been told all my life that this particular laugh is extremely contagious!!

What makes you really angry?  Overall i don’t get angry about most things. Once i’ve hit the point of being really angry about anything it’s been going on a long time, i’ve been trying to peacefully resolve it without resolution, i’m in a situation where i’m unable to simply fix the situation or leave. Another thing which will make me angry is when i’ve set clear limits and boundaries and they’re simply ignored.

There is absolutely nothing that will hit my Oh Hell No button faster than making assumptions about me based on my clinical diagnosis prior to meeting me or assuming every strong emotion or “bad” decision is based on having bipolar disorder. i’ve had it out with more than one therapist in my day. This is one of the issues many of us face with mental health diagnoses which makes living a normal life more difficult. i’m a person first and live with a medical condition second. Every singe person has all sorts of feeling and makes good choices and bad choices. Not all, in fact very few in my case, are direct results of having bipolar disorder.

Who knows you best? Daddy knows me absolutely the best. LOL If your spouse doesn’t know you the best it makes me wonder why you’re married. i’d have to say there are a few people who know me quite well.

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