Wanna Throttle My Lawyer!!!

We are just about 7 months into the process of handling all the trust affairs. The change of trustee happened back in October, but the rest of the paperwork around it STILL isn’t complete. The settlement agreement went out to my brothers with no deadline to sign and no indication that the new trustee can act on the settlement sent out without their consent and … Continue reading Wanna Throttle My Lawyer!!!

Things That Irk Me

Know-it-all’s that don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about! SHUT UP ALREADY!!!! People ringing my doorbell unannounced. If I didn’t invite you, you’re not welcome. LEAVE!!! Having a mental illness is NOT who you are. I can’t stand people who use it as an excuse for bad behavior and talk about it all the time. Just stop! No wonder you’re fucked up! People who … Continue reading Things That Irk Me

Things That Irk Me

Call me strange, but I absolutely love reading peoples rants and lists of things that drive them nuts. Today I have a few on my mind so I’m lettin’ loose. I’m a little. I can’t stand the term CG/l (Caregiver/little). I’m a functioning adult. I don’t have limitations in any way which require me to have a “caregiver”. I regress into little space because it’s … Continue reading Things That Irk Me

On the heels of darkness: A Rant

Just a couple weeks ago we faced the largest planned power outage in California history. Today we got the call again that we’re in the shut off area for a potential outage coming this Wednesday based on the National Weather Service alerting our area as a fire hazard. So far, no red flag, due Tuesday night or Wednesday if it’s coming. Once that red flag … Continue reading On the heels of darkness: A Rant

Another Sexy Saturday Night

My eyes are rolled so far back in my head right now i can hardly think typing those words! lol Sexy is anything but what tonight is. Daddy’s at work and i’m at home slowly working my way through chores. Our house is still a construction zone. *sigh* Hopefully it’ll be over soon. It won’t be soon enough!!! Without a kitchen sink it’s harder than … Continue reading Another Sexy Saturday Night