Furry Mitts

Adult Content 18+ NSFW

Red Fox Fur Boa & Blue Fox Fur Mitts

The other night i surprised Daddy wearing His full length red fox fur coat over my nightie when He got home from work. Took little incentive before His hands were around my throat as He fucked me til my screams woke the neighbors at 2am. He didn’t cum…. holding it for later.

This morning as Daddy was waking up beside me, i slipped on the blue fox fur gloves and began massaging His back, neck and shoulders. Watching Him sink into relaxation, knowing He enjoyed every stroke of the mitts made me smile and urged me on. Down His ass and thighs, across His chest and tummy purring in His ear with gentle kisses. i caressed His body slowly and intentionally letting the fur make Him hard and excited.

Stroking His strong jaw with the fur as i kiss Him, my other fur clad paw touching His giant cock. He’s enraptured with pleasure as both paws stroke and caress Him. my soft, sweet lips take the head of His cock in while the rest is swaddled in soft, decadent fur. His hands roam my body, reaching for me as i lay close to Him snuggling my softness against His hard body. His hand in my hair tugging it, guiding my movements deeper and deeper taking all of His cock. Fur stroking Him everywhere as i gag on Him pushing so deep into my throat.

His toes curl and body stiffens as He fills my mouth with waves of His sweet cum. Swallow, after swallow and yet another fill my mouth with His seed. Not a drop wasted.

He pulled me into His arms, kissing me, holding me tight until He’s settled enough to speak. He coos what a good girl i am stroking my hair. i curl up next to Him until He’s asleep once again satisfied that i’ve taken good care of my Daddy.

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