Day 4 of Little Introspection: Is it easy or difficult to fall into little space?

Today I’m writing about what makes it easy or difficult to get into little space.

Funny thing, most of the time I slip in and out of little space easily and very fluidly. For some reason I’ve been grown up completely for the last couple of days. No rhyme or reason. I’m just big. Actually there is a reason, I’ve got adult life stress on my mind and it’s harder to let go of the stress and allow myself to relax and enter little space.

I don’t have items which help me get there. It’s more about my emotions in the moment. Certain things like when Daddy cups my face and kisses me, tucks me in before He goes to work. Light-hearted movies will usually do the trick, too.

Being happy and sick are the two things which will almost immediately trigger little space.

Anger is one emotion which will keep me out of little space or snap me out of it instantly.

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