Sweet smell of onions

Vidalia onions sweating on the stove in a bouquet of seasoning preparing to make spaghetti. A nice mix of oil and butter with a heaping spoonful of Italian seasoning, a dash of parsley, a bit of salt and pepper. The crowning spice is smoked Hungarian paprika. In a bit I’ll add an indecent amount of chopped, fresh garlic and a smidge of chili flakes. Then the sauce is ready for the meat and tomatoes and a long simmer.

In the meantime, I changed the sheets on our bed and scrubbed the master bathroom. The dishwasher is unloaded and ready for the next set to wash.

Red Hot Chili Peppers fill my house with the catchy, “Tell me baby”. I smell the near doneness of the onions. Dinner can’t wait…

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