New Scandavian Cooking

Amazon Prime is my go-to for documentaries. I found a good one not long ago and introduced Daddy to it last night. It’s called New Scandanavian Cooking. We watched it until we could hardly keep our eyes open!!! The chef, Andreas Viestad has broken the barrier to Daddy hating the mere idea of fish!!! We’ll see if I can actually get him to eat it, … Continue reading New Scandavian Cooking

Tapioca Pudding

Been cooking most of the day. Enjoyed dinner immensely! Lamb stew filled with untraditional flavors. Course ground mustard, maple syrup, Worchestershire sauce, ginger, garlic, tangerines, dried cranberries, Yukon gold potatoes and spinach. All I can say is YUM!!!! I knocked Daddy’s socks off!!!! Sweet tooth kicked in so I just made a batch of tapioca pudding. I used cinnamon sugar and vanilla almond mild. Chomping … Continue reading Tapioca Pudding


i’m jumping for joy, celebrating “Friday“. Daddy and i survived this carzy hard week without doing anything naughty! i mean the bad kind of naughty, not the fun kind. This week has been long and really stressful! He’s sleeping so He can go in for that last graveyard shift. i’m taking breaks to blog between cleaning the house and getting “big” stuff done. i may … Continue reading T.G.I.T!

As the heat breaks

I’m sitting on the sofa curled up like a cat with sweat dripping down the back of my legs and pooling in the bend of my knees. Feels awful! The position is comfy, my favorite. Country ribs are simmering on the stove in a kitten’s kitchen special spice blend. Smells so good! Can’t wait to dig in. When will Daddy wake up? *giggling* Master bathroom … Continue reading As the heat breaks

Toasty Tuesday

92* here in the beautiful wine country. There’s a beautiful cross breeze flowing through the house right now. We’re almost to the hottest part of the day… 5pm here is when the witching hour of death hits. Cooking seems like a horrible idea! Rainbow sherbert isn’t gonna hold us all day. 😉 Maybe I’ll throw some country ribs in the Showtime rotisserie? We’ll see. I’m … Continue reading Toasty Tuesday

Sweet smell of onions

Vidalia onions sweating on the stove in a bouquet of seasoning preparing to make spaghetti. A nice mix of oil and butter with a heaping spoonful of Italian seasoning, a dash of parsley, a bit of salt and pepper. The crowning spice is smoked Hungarian paprika. In a bit I’ll add an indecent amount of chopped, fresh garlic and a smidge of chili flakes. Then … Continue reading Sweet smell of onions