In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

i was up early yesterday. Started the day with a bit of meditation followed by a bit of knitting. (i’m knitting myself a silk/wool blend sweater for our move to New Hampshire.) It was lovely here! i started nudging Daddy to get up around 11am. Daddy, i’m taking Ruffi hiking, wanna come with us? Of course He said yes!!!! 🙂 Daddy’s a real outdoors man! He also doesn’t pass up an opportunity to go out with His kitten. ♥

Dressed and ready to go!!!!
i’m excited and ready to go! That’s desk i sit at to write.

Off we went to one of my favorite hiking spots.

The start of our 4.5 mile hike.

The trails were rocky and harsh. There was a couple mile stretch that was rough! Rocky and a consistent 42% grade. I had to take quite a few stops along that stretch! Little Ruff~boy was a trooper and pushed his way through this long day and his exhaustion. He didn’t move until this morning after a long drink of water and a snack when we got home. lol Little guy was plum worn out! To be honest, all of us have been recovering. 🙂

The first of several ponds.
Isn’t that a great view from that bench?
Here i am!
Daddy has such a great eye for photography!
The first of 3 pounds in the park.
Ruffi and i are heading up the start of the first hill.
There’s my Daddy with all that pretty scenery in the background.
kitten in a tree. 🙂 About 10 minutes from the top. i was about ready for a nap.
At the first peak.
The fields are vineyards.
One of Daddy’s favorite scenery shots.
Beautiful, isn’t it?
The view from a rest on a bench in the shade.
After a rest in the shade, Ruffi was on the hunt after a lizard.
Daddy loved this twisted Manzanita tree. He’d never seen one before.
Back side of a pond as we reached the top.
View from the very top. Daddy was king of mountain climbing on a picnic table for a birds eye view.
The view from the top as we started down the next trail.
The backside of one of the many ponds coming down the hill.
Got manure? We saw lots and lots of it along the trails. Bags, people… bags!

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