Sometimes what I want isn’t what I need

Earlier today I wrote about how I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of packing and thinking that Daddy giving me direction and goals would help me get crackin’. Well, I got started and next thing you know I’ve done all the nicknaks in the living room, pulled all the photos off the walls, boxed all the books hanging out downstairs, cleared out some of the kitchen cabinets, plus a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right this moment. As I said in that post, I am an overachiever!

As Daddy came downstairs for some lunch and a spot of tea, He stood there in awe at how much I’d gotten done. Of course He was proud of me and grateful for how much I get done without His help. The part that rang through to me was that He sets a stop for me. Most of the time He isn’t giving me tasks to complete and goals, rather orders me to slow down, rest, pace myself. I’d forgotten the value of this in the moments of my trying to figure out where to start. His domination shines through in letting me be my crazy, creative, energetic self and enjoying the energy I bring while keeping me from burning my candle at both ends.

Tucking me in at night before He leaves for work is more than just the romantic love a Daddy has for His little one. He’s making sure I get enough sleep and don’t stay up all night doing whatever catches my interest in the moment. The tasks He gives me are typically around taking care of myself. Take a bubble bath during the day. Snuggle up with the pups and watch Moana or one of my other Disney faves. He doesn’t need to assign me tasks because I come up with far too many as it is.

The evening is drawing to an end and I’m tired. My body is mildly sore. I’m fulfilled and satisfied with what I’ve accomplished. I’m also beyond happy that Daddy told me it was time to stop when He came down for lunch. Daddy knows best!!! I don’t always know what I need, but Daddy almost always does. Thank You, Daddy~Monstah! ♥

3 thoughts on “Sometimes what I want isn’t what I need

  1. It can be rather ironic at times when we think we need to ask for what we want, only to discover there’s a well of what we thought we needed inside of us, waiting to get out.

    Good job on getting things started with the paring down and sorting through what needs to be packed away, pitched, and so on for this upcoming move. Remember though, a house that looks ‘lived-in’ sells faster than an empty one. So don’t go -too- overboard with your work, else you might inadvertently shy away someone that would have a better idea of what they’re looking for if only the house was a little more furnished.

    I’m sure you know what you’re doing, just offering a little assistance from afar. I don’t envy you the process of moving. When it comes time for me to pack up my own behemoth, I think I’m actually going to test my own patience, as well as the capabilities of the local landfill.

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    1. It’s a balancing act of living in the house and being packed enough that it’ll be easy to move once the house sells. This is my second time in 4 years. lol I”m hoping this is my final move!! Last time I was doing it all on my own. Grateful to have Daddy this time. Always, but you get my meaning! lol

      The dogs are barking non-stop this morning. ARGH!!! There is a walking path and creek directly behind our house, so people walk by all day long. Sunny spring days are the worst. I better go deal with my little beasts before Daddy does. *giggles*


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