Direction Needed

I am a self directed individual and disdain micromanagement of any sort. It’s a sure fire way to make me angry and bring out the nasty side of my brat in a flash. There are times when direction is needed. I’m sitting at my dining room table looking around my house at what I have to accomplish with no idea where to start. It feels too big. The simple answer is start anywhere and it will surely get done. Packing up a house and minimizing belongings for a major move is a big job!!

Daddy has a very gentle approach to domination. He rarely ever gives orders. He believes in obedience based on my desire to please Him, rather than through active domination. For the most part, this is good. I crave the overt actions at times to help maintain my submission, but at the moment, I need them. Having expectations and goals to meet set by Him would help me get moving. I am an over achiever and will go above and beyond to please Him for little more than a smile, “Good girl” and a forehead kiss. Pleasing Daddy supersedes the overwhelm I have of starting a monumental project.

He’s sleeping after His graveyard shift. When He wakes up this seems like a conversation we need to have. As I’ve said a thousand times, punishment doesn’t work with me in the least. Setting reasonable goals I can achieve to please Him will set me in the right direction for being my true over achieving self and amazing Him. I’m far harder on myself for not meeting expectations than any punishment He could lay out. Knowing I’ve disappointed Daddy is the worst feeling in the world!!

I’m feeling the need for more balance between the gentle domination He offers all the time and the overt domination of rules and expectations. My submission runs deep and pleasing Daddy is a huge motivator when there are things to get done. *giggles* Perhaps He will find He likes giving orders more than He thinks He does and find a more permanent balance between the two?

One thought on “Direction Needed

  1. Greetings! You have a relationship that sounds similar to My Kitten and I! She does not take well to commands and we learned the hard way what happens when I try. (Bad PTSD trigger. Will work hard not to do that again.) Leading by example on some things seems to work. We both have health goals we want to achieve. Several bloggers, your included now, have given me some good thoughts.
    1) Sit down and set mutual goals
    2) discuss how we will accomplish those goals
    3) how will we hold each other accountable
    4) rewards for success.

    Punishment is not part of our dynamic although impact play is. (Punishment and abandonment are two more PTSD land mines). I am an Apologetic Dom and she is a Precocious Kitten. Thanks for your thoughts. I am now following and will be interested to see how things work for you two.

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