Sometimes what I want isn’t what I need

Earlier today I wrote about how I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of packing and thinking that Daddy giving me direction and goals would help me get crackin’. Well, I got started and next thing you know I’ve done all the nicknaks in the living room, pulled all the photos off the walls, boxed all the books hanging out downstairs, cleared out some of … Continue reading Sometimes what I want isn’t what I need

Pleasing Daddy

Today’s been such a good, happy day!!! ♥ i’ve been little alll day long!!! Yay!!!! ♥♥♥ Daddy loves when i’m happy, relaxed and enjoying myself. 🙂 i am certainly all of those things. 🙂 Asking Daddy’s permission is one of the bestest things ever! ♥ Asking Daddy’s permission makes me feel little, taken care of, submissive and sooo very loved!!! i’m always Daddy’s good girl, … Continue reading Pleasing Daddy

Respectfully biting my tongue

Today, I am practicing the art of being respectful and obedient as I silently scream inside hating every moment of my task at hand. If you have been a sub for more than little while, you surely know exactly what I’m talking about. The issue is not with my Daddy. The issue is I am stuck between a rock and a hard spot with the … Continue reading Respectfully biting my tongue

D/s: Why obedience and trust are crucial

In every relationship where sex is involved, trust is crucial. These two things are what make D/s relationships safe. In many cases, a sub trusts their physical and emotional safety to their Dom during kink scenes. This level of trust is not built up overnight to reach a point of total obedience. I’m a brat that loves pushing boundaries and rules, yet I still know … Continue reading D/s: Why obedience and trust are crucial