Pleasing Daddy

Today’s been such a good, happy day!!! ♥ i’ve been little alll day long!!! Yay!!!! ♥♥♥ Daddy loves when i’m happy, relaxed and enjoying myself. 🙂 i am certainly all of those things. 🙂 Asking Daddy’s permission is one of the bestest things ever! ♥ Asking Daddy’s permission makes me feel little, taken care of, submissive and sooo very loved!!! i’m always Daddy’s good girl, … Continue reading Pleasing Daddy

Respectfully biting my tongue

Today, I am practicing the art of being respectful and obedient as I silently scream inside hating every moment of my task at hand. If you have been a sub for more than little while, you surely know exactly what I’m talking about. The issue is not with my Daddy. The issue is I am stuck between a rock and a hard spot with the … Continue reading Respectfully biting my tongue

D/s: Why obedience and trust are crucial

In every relationship where sex is involved, trust is crucial. These two things are what make D/s relationships safe. In many cases, a sub trusts their physical and emotional safety to their Dom during kink scenes. This level of trust is not built up overnight to reach a point of total obedience. I’m a brat that loves pushing boundaries and rules, yet I still know … Continue reading D/s: Why obedience and trust are crucial