Sharing MY Content

Should you enjoy a post I’ve written, say hello, tell me. Ask permission before you share it. At the very least, comment in your share that you enjoyed my post and are sharing it. Give me some fucking credit!!!

My content is about MY LIFE. It’s not just opinions and ideas. I’m writing about the personal details of who I am and how I experience the world. Sharing this without my explicit permission is incredibly creepy and RUDE!!!!

DON’T DO IT!!! Again, this comes following someone not bothering to show any respect at all.

9 thoughts on “Sharing MY Content

  1. This happened to me too. I was livid. It takes just a second or two to write a comment, click a like button and put our name to the words they have shared. I completely agree with you on this! As one of my lovely friends would say, ‘they are Ass hats!’

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  2. I had this happen too, and now I’m wondering who’s sharing yours. The person that had shared mine and a couple of other bloggers’ posts has taken it down, now I’m wondering if they’ve popped up under a different name.

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  3. I suppose on the ‘plus’ side (there isn’t one really) imitation is the highest form of flattery! But just in case the person who did share your work is reading this, not when you steal it. Then it’s just plain theft. Stop it! We all work too hard to have our words ripped off.
    Much love sweet lady SS đź’–xx

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  4. I have shared a few posts—though only a few. Always I have asked permission first and then given credit to the writer with my words. Seems the correct way to do it. But some people don’t seem to get this. Stay safe!!

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