Thoughts on the holiday season

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of year…. until the drama begins about Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas.

I’m the last generation of those raised with Merry Christmas being the norm. We had Christmas Vacation from school. I was in high school before Happy Holidays and winter break were introduced as politically correct.

I don’t have a problem with either one. I will typically say Happy Holidays unless it’s Christmas day. I’m not offended by any version of a holiday wish… religious or not. Wish me Happy Kwanza if you want to. There’s no reason to be offended and upset because someone offers you good wishes and good will in a way…. even if it’s not your way!

I happen to love history and have a particular fascination with religion in history, especially Christianity. Countries and families divided over which Christian sect you believed in. Not being Christian wasn’t an option. You were tortured and killed. Wars have been waged and millions slaughtered in the name of religion.

I’m Atheist because the fundamental belief of Western religions don’t resonate with me. I’m not angry that others believe. I can’t stand the hate and intolerance which goes with being religious for many.

If you look back at history and what was going on when the US first started getting settled…. religious tension and persecution for your beliefs was the order of the day in Europe. Freedom of religion was written into our constitution for just that reason.

Show tolerance and kindness BOTH WAYS when someone offers you a holiday wish. Unless you’re being preached at and the sentiment of a wish is beyond a simple Merry Christmas of Happy Holidays… try saying THANK YOU!!!! Your personal beliefs don’t matter all the time. This is a time of year for kindness. Be kind and don’t make a scene out of everything.

Season’s Greeting from Succulent Savage

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on the holiday season

  1. Honestly, this whole Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays is only a talking point in the USA. Nowhere else on the planet can something so stupid cause such an issue.

    Some JW’s came to the door this morning and told me that unless I read scripture with them I was doomed for eternal damnation. I wished them a happy holidays and asked them to never return to my home… They told me they’ll be back next Saturday because I can still be saved… le sigh.

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