Like so many others, music feeds my soul. I’m not one to stick to a particular genre. Honestly, I’m like that with everything!!! *giggles* Which Jodie are we gonna hang out with today?! I joke, but really… I love diversity. There is no one thing or one way which fits best for me. Hard rock was one of my first music loves. It’s stayed with me all these years and never faltered.

Metallica is and always will be one of my favorite rock bands. Earlier today, it was an outward expression of anger. Head bang it out!! Crank the volume ’til my ears hurts as I drive pounding the steering wheel screaming the lyrics. As I listen now, I feel free once again. The guitars and drums scream just as loud and I sing the lyrics to Enter Sandman with the passion of one who simply loves the song.

I’m not a huge concert goer. Too much noise, too many people… they overwhelm my senses too much. Metallica is one of the few bands I made a point to see back in the mid 1990’s. I may not be able (or willing) to handle another Metallica concert, but I sure can crank up the tunes like I did as a kid and rock the house!

4 thoughts on “Metallica

  1. Girl you need to get into Depeche Mode. Even as I write this I can hear “Soothe My Soul” in my head lol. I hate concerts and crowds, too. I got invited to Bristol International Balloon Fiesta once, we had to climb up a big hill to get there, stayed for 5 minutes before I decided there were far too many people and wanted to go home. We haven’t been since lol.

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    1. Oh, I love Depeche Mode. 😀 They were super popular when I was in high school. 😉 I like the idea of crowds, the reality sucks bad!!! lol Stephen teased me at first because of how adamant I am at not going to big things. He doesn’t like them, but tolerates them. They put him on the defensive and high protection protocol in general.


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