Guilty Pleasures

I never think of myself as having guilty pleasures. In fact for the longest time I couldn’t think of any when those silly little Facebook quizzes would go around. Turns out I do have a couple.

I got my first COVID vaccine on Monday. We had an hour drive to get there. Things are wonky here in California in that department. Go figure! Back to guilty pleasures. The Bee Gees came on the oldies station we were listening to. If you don’t like Stayin’ Alive we can’t be friends! I looked over at Daddy and told Him that disco music is one of my guilty pleasures. He laughed to the point of snorting before telling me He feels the same. Not soemthing you go telling your hard rock friends. LOL

I had a gay couple renting from me quite a few years ago now. We had a great time together!!! One of the guys told me I needed to watch “Arrow” on Netflix. That started my love of superhero TV shows. I know how popular they are!! They’re just not one of those things that falls into my comfort zone of telling the world. I binge superhero show on Netflix. There. I said it. Yesterday I started watching “The Flash” and 20 episodes later…. Don’ judge! LOL

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Disco lives! Barry Manilow, Cheez Wiz, ethnic jokes (all ethnic groups), The song “Dixie”, malted milk balls. I could go on. I’m in enough trouble for ethnic jokes and “Dixie”, though.

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    1. LOL There are many things I don’t admit to liking, David. Malted milk balls are the bomb!!! I miss them terribly. I had a puppy when I was very little that we named Whopper. Nothing to do with the candy except how my brain connects stories. lol I looked at the paws on that baby black lab and said “Look at those whoppers!”. The puppy had a name when my Dad stopped laughing. 😉

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  2. My wife and I have this conversation at lest once or write a year. I was raised in Bee Gees, Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond. While she was raised on the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd. Her artists are cooler, in her view, so this is one of those arguments I let her win. Well, I still like Bee Gees.

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