Under Evacuation

Today has been a really suck ass day… and NOT in the fun ways!

About 10:45 this morning my anxiety kicked in. I could feel things shifting. I climbed back in bed next to Daddy and told Him, “I’m scared, Daddy”. He comforted me and told me everything was going to be ok. The feeling just wouldn’t settle.

Fixed us a nice pot roast in the pressure cooker before we lost power. In the middle of eating, an emergency broadcast came through telling the residents of the two cities directly north of us to evacuate in the next 3 hours. I looked at Daddy and we got up and started planning to go.

We went through the house grabbing the things we’d not be able to part with. A few family photos, important papers, enough clothes to carry us through a while. We each picked up a few sentimental things which would make being away from home ok. Heaven forbid we lost our home… we’d have a handful of personal things to start over with. It was purely precautionary. We weren’t even under warning yet. Given this isn’t my first rodeo… I was prepared.

I came to work with Daddy tonight. Good thing! No power at home. I had an insane asthma attack from the poor air quality. Yes, even inside! The air is thick with smoke and it’s not safe to walk around without a particle mask. Many are.. in fact most, but it’s not recommended. For someone with lungs like mine… ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

A couple hours into Daddy’s shift orders came through for 3/4 of Sonoma county to evacuate. Our home is in one of the neighborhoods in a mandatory evacuation zone. So… here we are. At Daddy’s work. For tonight we’ll stay here. He has to work tomorrow and the next few days. With everyone evacuating, the hotel will NEED staff!!! Fair trade off in my book.

Tonight we’re both anxious and worried. Hoping our home is there when we go back. Right now the evacuations are precautionary. Last I looked, the fires were only 10% contained with winds picking up around 2am our time making the spread much more likely to come our way.

California is having outages across most of the state through Monday and another shut off planned for Wednesday. Little pockets are lucky enough to have electricity. Fortunately, where we are is one of them. Hoping we can stay here through the disaster.

Here’s the latest news story in our local paper as of an hour ago.


14 thoughts on “Under Evacuation

    1. He’s fine. He totally knows that things aren’t ok. Right now he’s curled up on the bed at my feet sleeping. He’s not eating and barely had water. Anxiety and stress. He’ll settle down and feel safe soon. I’ve just started to settle back in my body so I can think and breathe. Feel safe for a bit. He’ll follow suit soon.


  1. Hello, my darling.
    Been here, done this before and I know how stressful it can be. If you need someone to talk to, or to play scrabble with to pass the time and keep your mind occupied, send me an email to millenniallifecrisis12@gmail.com. I can set up a scrabble game, or we can just chat. I know what it’s like and I know sometimes the best thing can be just to have a distraction. ❤

    Stay safe, stay sane. Stay calm. Sending positivity your direction. I have to believe Your home will still be there when you come back. The universe is watching over you.


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