Sugar Bear

Daddy has called me kitten forever. It never really fit me. In all honesty, i hated it at first. It’s one of those things i got used to. i’ve never been shy about not liking it. *giggles* Those who have followed me for a while should be stunned. πŸ˜‰

Out of the blue the other night Daddy called me Sugar Bear. It fits! Unique, fun, personal… and so me. i had the immediate awwwww reaction. You know… the “good girl” melty feeling.

Yesterday in a play session i called Daddy “Papa Bear” with some comment about baby bear knowing how to do it just right. *giggles* Hmmmmm…. who knew that Goldie locks would ever find a kinky spot in our role play? And more so… work?!

Daddy will always be Daddy and i’ll always be His kitten, but sugar bear and Papa Bear certainly have a special place in tugging the old heart strings and igniting a roar.

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