Day 6 Little Introspection: Do you have a Mommy/Daddy? If so, why?

Daddy & His kitten
i’m Big here… but always Daddy’s kitten

i do have a Daddy… i do, i do!!!

Daddy chatted me up one night on Fetlife. He’d always been a Master prior to meeting me. i knew that as far as doms, i was looking for a Daddy type. Until we got into the dynamics of “Us”, i had no idea what a real DD/lg relationship could be. For me, having a Daddy means that i have a man who is my best friend, my lover, my provider, protector… AND my Dom. Having a Daddy brings security and joy into my life in a way any other partner never could. i can’t really explain it.

Neither of us started out with the intention of having a Daddy/little girl relationship in the way it’s developed. It did just that… developed naturally in how we feel about each other and our most natural selves come out. Daddy wants to take care of me, protect me and finds all my little-isms adorable and sexy in their own way… and i’m drawn to rely on Him, submit to Him and allow myself to be my most vulnerable and sweet self with Him.

Why i have a Daddy isn’t a totally answerable question aside from it happened naturally between us. i wouldn’t have it any other way with Daddy. ♥

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