Crystal Fox

No, no…. Crystal Fox isn’t my stripper name. giggles There’s an erotic writing waiting to happen around those kinks, but not today. Crystal Fox Fur Leg Warmers. RAWRRRRRR

Fur sales are abundant in the summer months, as you can imagine. I’ve had my eye on this particular pair for over a year now. Timing was right and impulse buying got the best of me. They arrived Friday afternoon. wink, wink

Daddy was off on a walk when the UPS driver came. I opened the box immediately and pulled them on, despite the triple digit heatwave. Ohhhhh!!! So fluffy and soft. I snapped a quick picture and sent it to Him begging Him to hurry home.

The guttural growls and roars as He saw them made my girlie parts tingle. giggles He sat beside me and I plopped my fur clad legs in His lap. His big hands ran up and down the length of my legs. He couldn’t stop!

The heat got the better of me and I asked to take them off. We headed upstairs for the fashion show to see how all my other furs mix and match with the newest edition. Heels, vests, stockings, wraps. Daddy’s cock stood at attention watching me lay out new pairings and try them as I could with the heat.

As the temps dropped Friday night, I showered and put on only the crystal fox warmers laying across the bed waiting for Daddy to join me. I heard the familiar RAWRRRR when He entered the room.

He layed beside me kissing my neck as I entwined my fur clad legs between His. Biting, scratching, a bit of dirty talk before I pulled away, laying my legs across His rock hard cock stroking up His body beginning to give Him a fur job. Legs up His chest stroking His face, almost smothering Him in the sumptuous fur.

Daddy rolled over pinning me down calling me His fur slut. “Yours? Anyone who wants my fur can have it…” I sniped back. Harder, rougher, more demanding…. “You’re Mine! ONLY Mine… all of you!”

Daddy slapped my hard nipples causing me to catch my breath in a moan. He commanded me on top. I slid down His hard shaft as the obedient slut I am ass facing Him and furry warmers tight to His thighs. I pinched my nipples and rubbed my cum slick clit as we fucked pushing against His heavy balls until we exploded.

Daddy pulled me down into His big strong arms cooing me as I came back from the high of subspace. He was soaked in cum, panting. The new toys were a hit…. a new kink and play found and explored. We fell asleep snuggled up.

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