Kicking off a new week

Daddy’s first week back to work hasn’t been toooo bad. i slept nearly round the clock the first couple days. Decompressing from the stress of worrying about Him. He was in pain right up until they took the stent out. *sigh* By the time we got home from the appointment Friday, He was already on the mend. Saturday saw Him back to normal.

Yesterday morning i saw the ear, nose & throat doctor nice & early. First words out of his mouth were that he’s not recommending surgery!!! He didn’t say never, but not for now. i have to go back to twice daily sinus rinses. UGH!!!!! They’re awful, if you’ve never done one. They keep things a bit better, but they’re still awful. If they thwart off these heinous sinus infections and asthma/bronchitis stuff…. they may just be worth it.

As i always do, i find humor and a way to play in nearly every situation. Daddy has bad allergies with sniffling and sneezing all year round. i looked at Daddy and said that if i have to do them, He has to do them! Bonding ritual. Isn’t that why we have double sinks in our bathroom?! *giggling* Daddy was blushing so much!!! i can’t remember the last time i saw Him blush like that!!! The doctor gave a genuine belly laugh when i said that. We’re pretty fun to be around most of the time.

my friend Frank stopped by for a visit yesterday. 🙂 Was so nice to see him. We worked together for a long time. Our schedules usually aligned so we worked 3 of our 4 shifts together. i miss those days. Anywhoooo… he published a book a few months ago. 🙂 It’s quite good! i started it last night and was hooked in the first couple of pages. His writing style caught my interest in a paragraph or two. Shan’t be long before i’ve polished off his first published book.

Last night i made a pot roast. YUMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!! It’s always been one of my specialty dishes. Simple, yet so damn good. Daddy never turns down an offer for me to make a nice roast for supper. 😉

Last month i thought i had the Social Security fiasco all straightened out. *sigh* Alas, they didn’t do their part!!! Imagine that?! i went back down last Monday to have nothing happen yet again. Back again today. i get the bullshit remark that it’s not this girl’s fault if the person she sends it to doesn’t do their job. Back to waiting for them to straighten out a very simple thing.

Meditation was my salvation today!!! i haven’t meditated on a daily basis for quite some time now. i’d forgotten just how much i love it and what a gift i’m giving myself. i started with basic grounding. i felt the need to do chakra dumps on 3 different chakras. WOW!!!! What i saw being released was…. no wonder i’m anxiety ridden and attracting more garbage! i let go of so much. The calm is beautiful.

Daddy’s sleeping still. He typically wakes up for a while around this time. Tuesdays are crappy in our house. lol He’s coming off one graveyard and going into another. We don’t see each other much. At least it’s Friday.

my naughty little kitten brain just kicked in. What better way to wake up Daddy than snuggling up and slipping my warm mouth around His cock?? me thinks He wouldn’t protest….

13 thoughts on “Kicking off a new week

    1. I meant about how do you, ss, do it, though if you want to tell me how I can do it on myself (without l knowing too much), that, too, works – only when you have the time to explain and headspace.
      Love, light and glitter!


    2. I studied under a friend who helped me open my third eye and navigate interstellar healing. Chakra dumps aren’t something I do for another. It’s something I guide one to do for themselves.

      Start with grounding and pull down white cosmic light so it’s running through your crown chakra clear down the back of your chakras and back up the front. In order to dump, add effervescence to the light. Open the chakra totally and direct the fizzy white light through that chakra. I see the color of what’s coming out and can feel what it’s about. Have your guides fill locking barrels or containers with the dumped material to take to the sun to burn afterwards to keep it from returning to you. You’re finished with the dump when the white light is flowing from the chakra.

      I hope this helps, if not, we arrange a chat or something so I can walk you through it more clearly. I assume you are familiar with grounding and such….

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      1. I’m assuming you mean being present by grounding, so yeah. By third eye do you mean inner knowledge/intuition?
        I’ll pretend I know what you mean, though I don’t at all and would love some more explanation….

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      2. No, not really. Let me look online for some stuff that will help explain and maybe even guide you into a good grounding exercise. Grounding is a type of meditation where you visualize and feel physically connected to the earth and universe. It’s extremely calming and a really safe space that can carry with you through all you do with practice.

        Third eye is like your intuition and inner knowledge. Think about a psychic who sees/feels things they shouldn’t or couldn’t know about you. Many frauds out there, but not all. I happen to be among those who can legitimately look into a person and see and feel things there’s no way I can possibly know. I was born with it, but needed help learning how to direct it.

        Do you know about chakras, where they are, what each does and represents? I can help you learn if you’re interested.

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      3. I understood what you meant about grounding and the third eye. I’m glad I was right…. I’m learning to trust my intuition. It’s funny, coz’ my friends think I know more than I do. It’s not that I don’t, but that I say things to them that I just know, but never did acknowledge or trust what I know without knowing.

        I’d love to learn about chakras. I’ve looked into energy when I was learning EFT, and when I was doing a part of the emotion code on myself (most people would do that with dowsing/muscle testing, I’d work with what I’d just know), but I’ve never looked into chakras. Someone who does energy work – releasing/healing uses it a lot and the more I know, the better 🙂

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      4. I’m replying this as a new comment so that it’s obviously not connected
        I’ve never used guides and probably wouldn’t because it sorta goes against judaism and I don’t yet know what I believe. It doesn’t really go against judaism, some of it does. Guides, really anyone can be a guide, although I’d much rather connect to the source of the world directly, and that’s what I would do, than through an intermediary.

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      5. Switch out the word “guide” for an angel or something like that which would fit. It’s not an intermediary, rather an assistant. It could even be your HP, whatever you call that entity.

        I connect with the universe and everything myself. I’m on my own journey doing the work myself. Guides for me are more like eyes and ears on the other side (of where ever that is) that can do things in that plane which I can’t or it would be distracting for me to do myself. In the case of the chakra dumping, the guide I spoke of is merely a trash man. I do the work and my guide/assistant carries the trash out for me.

        This is harder to explain through a text which isn’t live discussion. Simple concepts, really, just harder to explain than I had thought.

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      6. It definitely is harder, but the principle of a guide of any sort is pretty much against the essence of judaism. Because judaism is about connecting to the universe/higher power, which is the be all end all.

        It’s like, I don’t know what you know of the bible (I don’t know what I believe, so until I know what I believe, then I’m keeping to judaism as much as I can), it talks about how after the bible was given on mt sinai, they created a golden calf, because they thought moses wasn’t going to come down sinai. Why did they create it? So as not to talk directly to the source, god, themselves. Their mistake, idol worship, isn’t a lack of belief in a source of the world, idol worship is problematic because you’re saying that you can’t connect directly with the source yourself, because you’re connecting to something lower and more on your level, more physical. That’s actually why a lot of jews are against energy and all it includes. In reality there is no problem with it all, there are a lot of old jewish works (think a thousand years) that talk about it all and how it works, they just don’t include anything which to them consists of idol worship.
        Does this make any sense?

        So for me, guides are like the eyes and ears, and I’d say the source of the world is that. There has to be an infinity that this world is part of. The energy of the world. The source, whatever you want to call it. That I’m a part of. That you’re a part of. That connects us. The third eye – what I’d call my intuition, knowledge – is the awareness of this source, is actual connection to, because the knowledge is there, as soon as we tap into it, the source, energy, of all connecting and unity.

        Okay, I’m rambling and not sure whether you’ve understood what I’ve said so far or not so stopping here to hear your thoughts…

        And yeah, it’s really hard to explain though text, coz’ how do you put it into words??

        Love, light and glitter

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      7. I understand what you’re talking about. I just grew up with a totally different faith and I’m atheist now… and have been for many, many years.

        I was raised Catholic where it’s ok to use symbols like the cross the church and images of the saints and the virgin mary. Praying to the saints, the virgin mary and others as intermediaries is 100% acceptable. It’s not that we can’t connect directly with God at all. It’s not idoltry. God isn’t IN the symbol, it’s representative only. What I was taught from very young is that taking an issue to Mary, in particular, was like talking to your mom who would perfect your request or needs so they’re clear and not confusing before she presented them to God. This is a good thing in the faith I was raised with.

        As I’m atheist, I don’t believe in any god or higher power at all. The universe, the earth, the power of human being and our inter connectedness is all there is. Tapping into that is a huge gift we can give ourselves. This is a spiritual practice with nothing to do with religion at all. I can understand why some don’t participate in it. I’m good with that.

        Enjoy your afternoon. 🙂

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      8. Yeah, according to Judaism the representation is idolatry.
        You say you’re an atheist – you believe there is no source to the world? That’s what atheism means, that there cannot be a source to the world. To me the inter connectedness, the energy that is beneath it all and part of it all is what I refer to when I say source, that consciousness. I don’t like the word ‘god’ for it is a religious term.
        As of now I’ve not committed myself to any one path. I’m just exploring the options. I love all eastern philosophy and would love to learn more – and take from it whatever works for me. I feel like I’m boring you now 🙂
        Love, light and glitter


      9. Atheism has nothing to do with a source of the world. Atheism is a lack of belief in the existence of any kind of god. There is no creator or judge. The afterlife doesn’t exist. Prayer is stupid because there’s no one or nothing there to listen or intercede on your behalf.

        The inter connectedness of the world and the energy source is basic physics. That is science and has nothing at all to do with religion. Tapping into the physical properties of our environment and shifting our thinking to manifest what we want/need is part of the human experience and not at all religious or about atheism or not.

        I’m not bored. I’m finding that you’re not really sure of what you want and you’re confusing facts on things you don’t know much about. 🙂

        Much of Eastern philosophy, like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism all follow closely to some of the things I’m talking about. Chakras, meditation, grounding, natural energetic healing.

        In order to pick and choose and learn, Eliza, you must first open your mind to all of it without trying to fit it into what you already believe/know so you can view it accurately to see if it fits for you or not. Step outside of yourself and your thinking.

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      10. Not confusing the points. Looking at it from a different view. I’ve read, listened to, discussed, worked through a lot. Not from the Jewish perspective. (The point about Judaism was that I wouldn’t be doing anything that counters it if I didn’t need to until I decide what I believe about religion. I haven’t worked through religion yet).
        You are looking at the physics as having nothing to do with an afterlife. My view is that the interconnectedness means that there are 2 parts to us – the physical being, and the energy. The energy and inner knowledge we tap into always remains even when our physical bodies don’t. Afterlife, prayer, god are all about religion. I’m not looking at any of it from a religious point of view. I feel as though religions have tainted some good things. Do you ever tune into the consciousness and put out there what you want and open yourself to receiving it? If I’d believe in prayer that is what prayer would be. The energy of the world, the energy and consciousness that is always there – that is what I mean when I say the source. The energy that will always be there, that we are a part of and connected to. I don’t actually disagree with anything you say or that I’ve seen you say, I think we’re both coming from very different perspectives and calling the same things different names. And translating it then to our own life experiences.


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