It’s here!!!

Discreet Leather BDSM Choker/Day Collar/Viking image 0
mine is a gorgeous deep rose pink.

Daddy had me pick out a collar for our first wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. It arrived today! (Our anniversary is 7 February.)

When i checked the mail and saw the box by the door, i started jumping up & down squealing, “It’s here! It’s here, Daddy!”. He stopped what He was doing to join me in opening it. The box was taped so well that i needed His help… even using His pocket knife. Daddy took the box and opened it looking even before i did. lol i studied the detailed Nordic knots stamped into the leather and was in awe at just how large the ring really is. (It’s as big compared to the collar as it looks in the picture.) *giggling*

Daddy inspected it thoroughly. He commented on the stiffness of the leather before having me kneel before Him. i knelt in nadu waiting for Him beaming with pride and so much love for Him. He wrapped it around my neck, tightening it as far as my comfort would allow followed by the lock clicking. He stroked my hair, kissing the top of my head, “You’re Mine. You belong to Me… always.”. i smiled up at Him, “Always, Daddy…” He gave me His hand, “Rise…”, helping me from the floor.

i wrapped my arms around His neck hugging Him so tight! “i love You, Daddy” whispered in His ear followed by thanking Him again for the beautiful collar. He held me tight, safe in His arms caressing my back, “I love you, My little one.”.

(Photos of me in the collar coming tomorrow)

7 thoughts on “It’s here!!!

    1. Thank you! I love wearing it… especially out. The inside of the leather is really rough, so I can only tolerate a few hours before my skin starts to get irritated. Daddy won’t let me wear it all that often until He gets it softer inside.


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