Things That Irk Me

Know-it-all’s that don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about! SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!

People ringing my doorbell unannounced. If I didn’t invite you, you’re not welcome. LEAVE!!!

Having a mental illness is NOT who you are. I can’t stand people who use it as an excuse for bad behavior and talk about it all the time. Just stop! No wonder you’re fucked up!

People who kink shame piss me off BAD!!!! I get it. You don’t like it. DON”T PARTICIPATE!!! Keep your nasty opinion about it to yourself!! Your kinks aren’t liked by everyone either. Pot, kettle….

We all have opinions. I’m sharing mine now. NOT EVERY OPINION AND THOUGHT YOU HAVE NEEDS TO BE SENT OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD. Whatever happened to discretion and picking and choosing not only what you share but where and with whom?!

Can we STOP talking shit about the Millennials already?! This generation is born between 1986 and 1997. THEY”RE ADULTS!!! We didn’t have our bad hair, bad clothing styles and decisions blasted all over the internet for the entire world to see and judge at a glance. Every generation grows up. Stop being a dick. Besides, each one of them is an individual.

Women, can you keep your hating on other women in check!!!! Can’t you find a better reason to dislike a movie Miley Cyrus was in than the color of her hair or the fact that costuming had her go braless and you don’t like her boobs? Going the next step to insult her decision making for going braless? REALLY?! Petty and judgmental body shaming bullshit. Was the movie badly written? Did she act the part badly?

I’ve been VERY fat and had a whole bunch of fat girlfriends. I can tell ya that NONE OF US needed a blog post full of sexual positions for fat people!!! Seriously? If you and your partner like sex, you get creative. Thanks for being a douche and incredibly insulting to assume that others haven’t come up with their own positions.

Stick to what ya know!! A sub that’s a little writing a how-to for Doms in general is kinda like a fat girl giving diet tips to an anorexic girl. You’re making an ass outta yourself!!

Will I actually get to see Donald Trump impeached in my lifetime?! I understand the politics behind how slow it’s going, but DUUUUUDEEEEE!!! Shit of get off the damn pot.

If you’re walking down a trail that’s directly behind homes which you can see and hear, DON”T STOP AND STARE IN THE WINDOWS. Keep moving!!! Don’t talk shit. Don’t be rude to the people living there. JUST DON”T!!!!

It’s all nice and stuff that you have children. When you go to restaurants, CONTROL YOUR OFFSPRING!!!! Manner are still a thing. I didn’t pay money to listen to your kids screaming and to watch them run around or throw food. If this is acceptable to you, GO TO McDonald’s. Or better yet…. STAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t expect other people to be polite about your rude beasts. It’s not cute and they’re not being rude. YOU ARE!!!

Ahhh… here’s a BIG ONE! If you invite me to a party MY HUSBAND IS COMING. Vice versa. Don’t invite me if there’s not room for him or you think he won’t fit in. This one is pretty much a friendship deal breaker for me. (The obvious girl’s only stuff isn’t included.)

9 thoughts on “Things That Irk Me

  1. Oh, I am loving this. Your passion in this post is giving me some serious joy.

    I used to live in a home that had a walking trail behind the home. There was a white fence, but if you were like 5’9 or taller, you could see over it and thus, into people’s homes. It would driving me fucking crazy when people were looking in the windows.

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    1. lol I lost my shit over it today. There was a group of 4. Likely 2 couples? BIG dogs. Fixing a leash, I guess. Anyhow, I happened to be standing in front of my bedroom window upstairs with the window open. One lady looks up and pretty much screams…”OMG!!!”. After a second of watching, I hollered down that she’s staring in my bedroom window. She told me she didn’t care. Well, I do! I invited them to move along, rather nicely for as rude as they were. Next thing you know the whole lot of them are yelling at me and she’s telling me go “do more speed so you can be a little more paranoid”. It was ugly from there!!! Stephen was at the window yelling and the whole of them were just being nasty. Ahhhh…. Great day, huh?? lol


      1. Stephen would’ve if he could’ve! There’s a back fence plus a deadly overgrown cactus plant and rose bush between our fence the cyclone fence closing off our townhouse community from the creek. Maybe in his younger days he’d have left from the window like Batman or something. lol

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