Christmas Shopping with Daddy

What a delightful day! ♥ Daddy and i got up early and began our day with smiles, giggles and happiness. One of His gifts arrived today. i couldn’t hold out… and He agreed, so i gave it to Him.

Pocket Knife 6.5''Stag Horn Damascus Steel Knife Brass Bloster Back Lock Folding Knife +Real Horn Handel Damascus Knife +Sharpening Rod+Pocket Knives 100% Prime Quality+Buffalo Horn SmallPocket Knife
6.5″ Stag Horn Pocket Knife with leather sheath and a second smaller pocket knife set.

Daddy spent the next hour ooohhhing and awwwing over it! ♥ i’m delighted that i found Him one He’d love. He strapped it to His belt when we went out today. 🙂 He’s been talking about it on and off all day long. 😀

This afternoon He took me Christmas shopping. There are a few surprises coming. i don’t know how much or how many, but i know there are some. *excited giggles* He had me dress up pretty to go out this afternoon. A gold lame’ skirt, black sweater with a rhinestone broach, real hair animal print flats and my fox fur vest. He just ROARed at me all afternoon! We headed into the store we found a couple weeks ago. Hot Couture.

Daddy spoils His little one beyond belief! Two stunning vintage hats and a vintage beaver fur stole. i must have tried on 20 different hats before settling on these two. There are a couple more to go back for at some point, but for now…. i’m beyond delighted!!!

i glammed it up for Daddy to take a few pictures to remember the day. Take a gander if you please.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Merry Christmas to all! ♥

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