Cough of death

Here we go… again, yet, still? I finished a round of antibiotics strong enough to kill an army of bacteria earlier this week. I was starting to feel human again. Then a cold took hold. Ugh! Within 72 hours I’ve gone from sniffling and sneezing with a dry cough (typical cold stuff) to sounding and feeling like I’ve got bronchitis or walking pneumonia. I’m down in bed yet again. Have I mentioned that I hate winter? Only because I’m sick the entire time!!! Been like this my whole life.

Every picture of me with Santa from the time I was 6 months old I’m sick and crying. lol Not funny, but see a pattern?

Started yet another round of Prednisone today. Going in tomorrow for a chest x-ray to be sure I don’t have walking pneumonia. At least I get the good cough syrup. lol Codeine cough syrup is the bomb when you’re sick and coughing your lungs up! OTC doesn’t do shit with a cough like this.

I’m content to sit with the boys (Ruffi and Grumpy) snuggled up on either side of me binge watching Netflix. I wrapped up the end of Land Girls a bit ago and I’m restarting the Lost Girl series. I’ve seen it several times clear through and always come back for more. *giggling*

Daddy and I went to His company Christmas party last night. It was fun. A few laughs were had. 😉 I sat next to the new kid. Shy, awkward young man. Nice enough, just painfully shy… and likely the ultimate introvert. I get that totally! We ended up chatting quite a bit as we were the only two at the table who don’t smoke. lol

On the way home we drove down Christmas Tree Lane. Actually, it’s a whole segment of a neighborhood where most of the houses go all out. 🙂 Was really fun! I’ve always loved looking at Christmas lights. ♥ The other night Daddy and I walked through another street where every house was lit up. What a delight! Hand-in-hand stopping and taking in all the sights. There was a fireplace going and the scent was intoxicating!

Time to nap a bit more. The cough is stirring up bad again. Hot tea and rest are good for this little girl. 🙂 Daddy’s ordered me to stay really quiet and rest lots. An easy order to fulfill tonight.

Sure hope I feel better by Christmas!!!!

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