Daddy & kitten Dates

Today is another little day. We’ve napped together and watched good little tv together. Forged in Fire is our Wednesday routine. 🙂 Earlier we watched Open Season. Neither of us had seen it before.

Catching up on my WordPress feed, i read several posts about Daddies and their little girls and fun dates. The picture above was one of our favorite little dates. ♥ Daddy took me to a Giant’s baseball game in San Francisco early in the season this year. Those crazy hats came in handy with the whipping cold wind! We made a point of hitting one of the giveaway games. ♥ A couple days later a guy we know came up to us and said he’d seen us on TV during the game. 🙂 my first time on TV. *giggles* i imagine we were being silly and likely kissing. We do that a lot.

See, i’m kissing Daddy! ♥

i’m already getting excited about Halloween! There’s a big haunted house locally that i’m begging Daddy to take me to this year. He wouldn’t take me last year…. *pouty face* i think He was worried i’d be too scared. There’s also a giant pumpkin patch with a corn maze to get lost in. i mentioned that tonight and He was ready to go now. *giggles* YAY!!!

The Amazing Corn Maze
Haunted House i want Daddy to take me to… better hold my wittle paw!

Slow day in the McDaddy house. Neither of us feel very well. my tummy is really yucky. i’m trying not to be whiny… and for the most part i’m succeeding.

3 thoughts on “Daddy & kitten Dates

  1. Awww!! I hope you feel better, my friend. I absolutely LOVE your St. Patty’s attire. You both look simply adorable. I’m counting down to Halloween too! It’s going to be Spook-tacular! Xx


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