Daddy’s Home!!!!

Daddy’s been home 4 straight days now. It’s been delightful! ♥ Granted, He had surgery on Friday and is more than a little sore at times, but it’s the longest time off we’ve had together in over a year. The bonding is so nice! It’s reminiscent of the first few months He was in California. We had two months (to the day) of Daddy and … Continue reading Daddy’s Home!!!!

A Day of Smiles and Rants

Daddy and i woke up happy this morning! His day off. Well.. mostly. He works the graveyard tonight, but basically He’s off. We had a nice day planned, including a play session. Everything went sideways once we walked out our front door. Off to the bank to cash the check we got from the insurance company last Friday… to be told a third time (yes… … Continue reading A Day of Smiles and Rants

Rambling at 6am

The weekend has officially ended in the McDaddy household. Daddy heads back to work this afternoon. We had the most spectacular time together!!! On Wednesday, i kinda insisted in my sweet subby ways that we get out of the house and do something. We needed a treat yo’ self weekend badly! i wrote about our date Wednesday where we went to lunch and a drive … Continue reading Rambling at 6am

Photo Shoot with Daddy

i was flirting with Daddy one night last week while He was at work. Teasing and taunting Him with magnificent furs with a sexy flair of my sweet little side thrown in for good measure! Daddy instructed that i should be dressed for Him when He got home. i was deep in little space, so being His grown up sexy sub wasn’t going to happen. … Continue reading Photo Shoot with Daddy

What age play looks like for me…

When Daddy and i first met, we were both pretty rigidly against age play. It hit that moral “Ewwwwww” spot for both of us. Slowly over time, we found ourselves dipping our toes in… now it’s a regular part of our sex life. i’ve found that engaging in age play takes various forms depending on mood, kink of the day and whether i’m in little … Continue reading What age play looks like for me…

Pleasing Daddy

Today’s been such a good, happy day!!! ♥ i’ve been little alll day long!!! Yay!!!! ♥♥♥ Daddy loves when i’m happy, relaxed and enjoying myself. 🙂 i am certainly all of those things. 🙂 Asking Daddy’s permission is one of the bestest things ever! ♥ Asking Daddy’s permission makes me feel little, taken care of, submissive and sooo very loved!!! i’m always Daddy’s good girl, … Continue reading Pleasing Daddy