Happy Halloween from Elliot & Eeyore

Daddy & i just got back from the supermarket. We had a few people come up to us telling us how much they love our outfits. Got a couple trick-or-treaters. 😉 We’re watching Devil’s Rejects while dinner cooks. Nice Halloween! The conversation in our house tonight is totally inappropriate. Daddy commented earlier that we should never be unsupervised on Halloween again! lol i disagree. i … Continue reading Happy Halloween from Elliot & Eeyore

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Topic: Naughty Halloween: Hot or Not?  Would you ever wear matching Halloween costumes with your dominant? Why or why not?  You bet! Daddy and i are actually talking about it. *giggles* We are 100% one of those cutesy couples. 😉 We’ve been talking about getting matching Tigger onesies for the longest time. What is your personal opinion on risque Halloween costumes (such as: french maid … Continue reading Tiny Talk Tuesday

Halloween… My favorite holiday

Boo! Did i scare you? *giggles* Daddy & i love Halloween, horror flicks and kink. Somehow, the three blend so well together! Last fall i stumbled upon a Netflix special, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, in which Christine magically blends baking, gore, Halloween and BDSM into a winning TV show that Daddy and i never missed!! Her show gives food porn a whole new … Continue reading Halloween… My favorite holiday

Daddy & kitten Dates

Today is another little day. We’ve napped together and watched good little tv together. Forged in Fire is our Wednesday routine. 🙂 Earlier we watched Open Season. Neither of us had seen it before. Catching up on my WordPress feed, i read several posts about Daddies and their little girls and fun dates. The picture above was one of our favorite little dates. ♥ Daddy … Continue reading Daddy & kitten Dates