New Scandavian Cooking

Amazon Prime is my go-to for documentaries. I found a good one not long ago and introduced Daddy to it last night. It’s called New Scandanavian Cooking. We watched it until we could hardly keep our eyes open!!! The chef, Andreas Viestad has broken the barrier to Daddy hating the mere idea of fish!!! We’ll see if I can actually get him to eat it, but it’s worth a try.

My maternal grandmother was first generation born in the States. Her father came over from Norway and her mother from Germany. She spoke both languages and grew up in a very European home with strict values. I should mention she was born in 1914, so life was extremely different all around. Many of the values were passed down to my mom and to me. What didn’t come my way was the food or the languages. I’ve been on a quest for years to learn more about Norway, the traditions, the food, the people. Finding this show was a real gem!!!

Until this show the only thing I could find about Norwegian food was really intense and disgusting fish soups. My brother’s ex-wife was of Norwegian ancestry, too, and took it upon herself to make lefsa for years and years at the holidays. They were hideous!!! She was a horrible cook, so I can’t hold that against the food itself.

My favorite part of exploring new types of cuisine is seeing how combing familiar ingredients in new ways creates flavors and aromas totally new and exciting.

The show is also available on the website which I’m linking in a receipe that caught my eye from a season I haven’t seen yet.

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