How do i start this piece? i’m not talking about consent between partners, rather social consent. i’ve heard lots of people use “consent” as the reason to follow vanilla dress codes in public. The people around you didn’t consent to your dress or activity. i call BULLSHIT!!!

Let me be clear here, i do not go out in public and act sexually inappropriately. That’s not part of our dynamic or my value system. i do, however, dress as Daddy and i please without regard to the comfort of others. i call Him Daddy all the time, including in public. There are very few exceptions. i regress in public and i flirt and interact with Him from my regressed age, whether it be 5 or 15. Collars are not only for play in our relationship. i rarely leave the house without being collared beforehand with a padlock. Outside of a few changes to dress code, we look and act very much like other couples out to dinner, grocery shopping and whatever else we’re doing.

When i leave my home i don’t consent to seeing a girl spread her legs showing her pussy to a room full of people, but it happens. i don’t consent to seeing people engage in drunken behavior. i don’t consent to seeing people with gauges in their faces and covered in tatts. i don’t consent to hearing a group of men talking about their weekend hook-ups and all the derogatory things they say about the women, yet it happens. i also don’t consent to seeing people abuse their children and spouses in public, yet… it happens. i don’t consent to hearing about Christian values and the latest sermon at someone’s church, but there i am out in public and it happens.

The moment i leave my house i am subjected to the rest of the world, whether i like it or not or agree with it or not. This is the same for everyone else.

It wasn’t all that long ago when people were really upset that a gay couple was out in public holding hands and obviously a couple. Before that it was interracial couples. Standards of dress are different for everyone! What is acceptable to each and every one of us is different. No one gets to dictate that for another!

The idea of a parent having to explain something to a child is also BULLSHIT!!!! The same child that asks about seeing a woman on a leash and collar lead is also likely to ask about the child with a birth defect or the Muslim woman in a full burka. The difference is being prudish and not being able to handle your own feelings about sexuality.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how you’re dressed, if you’re behaving in a manner which doesn’t harm others. We live in a world with others… all of them different. If you CHOOSE to be vanilla in the outside world that’s your choice. Don’t call it respecting others. It’s a cop out.

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