Extreme Bratting

18+ BDSM, Erotica, D/s, DD/lg, bratting

Daddy doesn’t call me His sour patch kid for nothing! *giggles*

The other day i got outta the shower and slipped into Daddy’s favorite fox fur vest and called Him to come help me. He came upstairs expecting me to need His help, not find His kitten ready to pounce and give Him a run for His money!

Daddy hates being tickled. Well, hate is too strong a word. He likes it in small doses. i like to tickle Him almost to the point of it not being fun anymore. “Tickle, tickle, Daddy”. Pinned down and kissing once a hand was free, i grabbed a fistfull of His hair and yank hard telling Him to be a “good boy for me”. He was not happy!!! i found myself pinned under His whole weight struggling to move. Struggle, i did. i was determined not be His obedient good girl that afternoon.

i behaved enough that Daddy freed my body to lick my sweet pussy. Thighs tightened around His head and a fistfull of hair once more. i watched as He grew frustrated at my bratting and backed off just a smidge. Kisses and giggles and being a good girl just long enough to settle Him back down.

His paddle was out on His nightstand. Guess who grabbed it? Yep! i did!!!! 😉 A swat of the paddle on His leg and thigh, His bottom as He rolled to get away from my swats. i popped His cheek with a smart thwak!! Fire shot across His face as He warned me. Chest, tummy, thighs, top of His head, a couple more to His face.

He caught me wrist in His big hand and started the process of shutting my bratting down. inside i was ecstatic! Daddy was gonna make me stop! There was a struggle and some banter about breaking the paddle. He tried telling me the paddle is His and that’s why it’s on His nightstand. No, no, no….. Daddy leaves it out for kitten to reach and it’s fair game.

His hand tightened around my wrist until it almost hurt. i whined and He shut that down real quick. Daddy was in charge now!!! He did the last thing i expected. Daddy stood up telling me He was done and walked away leaving me there full of playful brat energy and a dripping pussy.

What happened next is a tale for another time.

5 thoughts on “Extreme Bratting

    1. Daddy wasn’t happy, which is why He left me there are hot and flustered. He used the ONE punishment He knew would be the most effective. What came after was even hotter! Hopefully i’ll get it written today. 🙂

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