kitten squeaks real good!!

We’re almost at the 2 month point for our home being a danger zone. Today was the day where we both snapped and said Enough Is Enough!!

My way of dealing is to do something about it. The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil. Got on the phone and called the insurance adjuster. Didn’t get the answers I needed. I called our local agent. Didn’t get the answers I needed, so I called back until I could speak to the owner.

I was far from rude, but quite frank in telling her this entire claim has been handled so poorly that I will not be renewing my policy with their company.

Less than 20 minutes later, I got a phone call asking me to come down to her office. She had a check in hand reimbursing us for expenses long over due. She laid out a plan where she, personally, was going to make sure things moved smoothly and some major things were going to be handled directly through her office rather than corporate.

She also made it a point of speaking with a manager at corporate letting them know how poorly this claim has been handled and insisting they call us on Monday to hear for themselves just how inept their staff has been.

It took me years upon years to learn that it’s ok to speak up when things aren’t being handled and be that squeaky wheel until your needs are met. Today, I squeaked until I got what I needed.

Daddy told me kitten squeaked real good! lol

8 thoughts on “kitten squeaks real good!!

  1. Hehe, my Mum compares me to a Pitbull when I’m angry. Why? Because I won’t let go until I’m ready to lol. I think the thing is, a lot of people think that submissives are usually meek and obedient, and that’s usually their downfall 😉

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    1. So many people can’t believe that I”m submissive or have commented that I’m “playing at it” because of how strong and forceful I am in other areas. 😛 I have a bit of that pitbull myself.


  2. Awesome! It took me years to be that way and working on my role and taking just those calls from customers…. it taught me how to be successful in it. No yelling. No foul language. Just perfect professional courtesy dished ice cold. I used to make my husband make those calls but now…now I enjoy them 😏

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    1. Thanks! I found it much easier in my professional life to handle them coming in. When I’m making them and I’m worried/upset about something it’s been much more difficult to do. Finding my stride again. 😉


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