Super Hero Role Play

Super Hero role play is something Daddy and i have talked about over the course of our relationship, though never really acted on…..until last night.

i asked Daddy to give me a few minutes to prepare for our play session before coming upstairs. It wasn’t planned… it was different. Wonder Woman outfit on complete from head to toe. White fox fur cape wrapped around my shoulders adding kryptonite to control Daddy’s Superman powers if even for a moment.

Daddy came into the room, drinking in every detail before coming in for a kiss. Deep, slow, possessive. Fist wrapped into my hair tugging with soft kisses. Moans escaped me. “Ohhhh Superman!” He growled!!! Pushing me flat on the bed body pinning me beneath Him. Arms and legs wrapped around Him, nails raking down His back grabbing His ass.

Wonder Woman topped Superman straddling His cock, grinding, teasing. “i know You’re kryptonite, Superman” i teased. “You sure do!” He responded. “It’s not me…. it’s… this!” i purred, teasing His face, chest, arms with the soft fur. Instinctively His eyes closed. “Keep your eyes open!” i commanded. His hands began to wander. “No touching, Superman! Eyes open” i reminded. He struggled to obey, but the kryptonite fur made it easier. One too many reminders and i smothered Him with the fur just long enough to bring obedience once more. i teased, “Hmmmm… Superman will let me do ANYTHING i want now that i have kryptonite…” my fingers traced along His neck, chest, around His nipples which are a no-no to tickle His armpits. He almost grabbed Wonder Woman, but i reminded Him of the no touch rule!

“Hmmmm…. I bet Superman can’t best Wonder Woman tonight” i teased knowing what buttons to push. “Superman is the strongest man there is”, He growled, flipping me under Him pinning one hand above my head, His other forearm across my throat threatening. Stronger, more demanding. i wriggled against Him. “Save me, Superman?!” i begged.

“I bet you set this whole thing up, Wonder Woman, to have me save you…” He sneered. i couldn’t lie… “Please don’t make me admit it, Superman” i begged, ” please… please, Superman?” His cock hardened, pressing against my inner thigh teasing me. “You’re gonna owe me for saving you” the smirk on His face made me swoon! “i’ll be Your slave for life, Superman” came out breathlessly.

i screamed as Superman wrapped His mouth around my nipple teasing the tip, biting before swirling His tongue around the tip again. “That’s right, MY slave forever! you can’t get away no matter how hard you try.” Whispering, “i’m Your wonder slave always…. i live to serve You now, Master”.

His powerful hand landed strong slaps across my soaking wet pussy until i begged Him to spank my ass. “Please, Superman?” i begged. “Please what. slut?” He demanded. “Spank me, please? Please… please” my body pushing against Him, wanting, needing Him… “leave Your hand print on my ass, Superman? i want everyone to know who i belong to….” i pleaded looking into His eyes. Kissing me deep, hard His hand marked my ass strike after strike making it sting until i could barely breathe. Superman drove me into subspace!

“You owe me, wonder slut…” He snarled with a fistful of my hair pushing me down His body onto His cock. i looked up at Him, “May i, Superman?”before licking His huge cock. He pushed me down, forcing Himself into the back of my throat. Slurping… licking, sucking, thumb pressed into the soft spot below His balls drawing deep moans. “Take it all…” He snarled pressing my head deeper. i looked up at Him, “i’ll try… it’s soo BIG” i whimpered sliding back to the base. He let out the deepest, most gutteral growl i’ve heard, “Good girl…oh yeah… that’s MY good girl!” He came hard! Deep, filling me til i could barely swallow it all.

He withheld orgasm until next time….. i cuddled Him, thanking Him. 😉 Next time will be well worth the orgasm denial. ♥

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