Aura Cleansing

I had a friend for a long time that would get really involved in new age metaphysics and different spiritual practices when she was manic. It was one the only time we really connected on that level. lol Anyhow, she invited me take meditation classes at a place that taught people how to open up psychically. I’d already been dabbling in this arena since my teens. It comes naturally for me… I didn’t have a choice. We took the 2 meditation classes together…. then her mania ended and she was back to her formidable logical self. lol I continued on for a few more classes. I stopped classes with them when the cost became outrageous and I started to see cult-like features. Still, I learned a great deal and still practice their meditation methods to this day. (Almost 20 years later)

Healing was the first class after the meditation classes. I have learned energetic healing techniques since, but not there. I was introduced to one of my guides who is playful and a bit of a trickster, despite being trustworthy when I need him. The main thing we did in the class was aura cleansing. I was required to volunteer so many hours per week throughout the class doing aura cleansings for walk-ins. Yes, there were many!! Paid readings was also something I did with them, but a story for another day.

If you’re reading this post, I assume you have some interest or knowledge in psychic phenomenon, chakras, auras and that sort of thing. We all have our individual energy field around us, in the simplest terms possible this is your aura. I’m having trouble describing what an aura cleansing is, but it’s essentially taking negative energy out of a person’s aura. I’d have to think long and hard how to describe it better and probably do a bunch of googling. If any of you have better descriptions, please help! lol

I was doing a cleansing for a woman who walked in one day while I was volunteering. She plopped in the chair stressed, but didn’t say a word about what was bothering her. She just needed her energy cleared out. As I was pulling crap out of her aura, I could feel the struggles she was having with her son. (clairsentience=clear feeling) I made a casual comment about her son and what was going on. She sat up a little freaked out and asked me how I knew about him. I told her honestly that I could feel it. I just knew. I finished up the cleansing and watched her stress and anxiety visibly reduce.

This was far from my first reading. It wasn’t even the first time I’d been confirmed to be right. It registers as significant for me because I wasn’t necessarily “looking” and she was the first total stranger I’d ever gotten validation from like that.

This incident helped send me down the path of actively seeking to learn to control and expand my psychic abilities. Yes, I am 100% comfortable with “psychic”. I know many who aren’t. Remembering this incident makes me thing perhaps I should do a few cleansings now and then for shitz and giggles.

8 thoughts on “Aura Cleansing

  1. This is fascinating stuff. It’s hard to explain to the people who have been “educated” with Western ideas of cause and effect, of a strict notion of physical causes of disease. My point is that something is there that defies our Western way of explaining things.

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