Aura Cleansing

I had a friend for a long time that would get really involved in new age metaphysics and different spiritual practices when she was manic. It was one the only time we really connected on that level. lol Anyhow, she invited me take meditation classes at a place that taught people how to open up psychically. I’d already been dabbling in this arena since my … Continue reading Aura Cleansing

Metaphysics, Meditation & Energy

The last few weeks I’ve been working to bring myself back inline with my meditation practices. I’d forgotten how good it feels to center myself, meditate and draw upon the energy available to all of us. I struggled with the whole clear-your-mind style of meditation. Relax, focus on your breath, notice your thoughts and let them go. Trying to do this was like being in … Continue reading Metaphysics, Meditation & Energy