Bad Company and Sore Muscles

The other day I wrote about my desire to switch. Daddy and I talked about it and decided some role play would be the best way to get my darker fantasies out. That’s not what ended up happening. *giggles* Let’s just say that last night was crazy fucking hot! I woke up with stiff joints and sore muscles I wasn’t aware I’d used that much.

I don’t think Daddy and I have ever really sat down and planned out a scene or our sex adventures for the day. We follow a go with the flow plan and take cues from the other which direction to go in. Yesterday was no exception. Being Domme wasn’t really on my mind. It’s just what happened… and fun was had for both of us!

I’m discovering that there are many ways to get my dominant needs expressed without going into some of my darker kinks. Control of everything happening is one sexy thing for me! You don’t feel good unless I want you to. If you don’t play well and follow orders you’ll find yourself in 4 point restraints. I don’t know many subs that don’t go a little weak in the knees with these ideas. I happen to enjoy being on both sides of giving and receiving!

When all was said and done I rode Daddy til we were both shaking and exhausted. Nothing better!! My butt muscles ache to prove just how hard I rode him! *wink*

Now the Bad Company part of this post? Nope, we didn’t have unexpected visitors or any of the like. Getting the car into the shop today was a must. We had a scary sounding engine knock. *sigh* Thank goodness it was something insanely small! We go back in next week to get a few other things taken care of. Alas, I digress. The mechanic has vintage records for sale in his office and I grabbed 3 while we waited. 😉 Bad Company being one of them. So, as I sit here writing while dinner cooks, Bad Company plays in the background.

A good weekend all in all. Is it time for the next one???

7 thoughts on “Bad Company and Sore Muscles

    1. Thank you! I picked up The Kinks and an old Spyro Gyro record, too. I’m definitely ecletic in my music choices.

      It was fun switching. I pulled out lingerie I haven’t worn in forever and put on thigh highs with the whole works. I miss it. I forget how much I like dressing up sometimes. 🙂

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