BBC Bull

He took her in His arms almost immediately upon walking in the door. He looked at her, examined her, pulled her close. She leaned into the hug and held tight. Almost teary. she was tired and needed a strong set of arms to hold her and protect her. He commented on how much she needed to be held and gently said, “It’s ok. I’m here now.”

Sitting on the sofa amidst the furry pillows He pulled her close, held her, stroked her hair. she settled as He soothed her with strong, gentle caresses and sweet words.

He had her lean against Him, head back against His shoulder and His arms wrapped around her. Long, slow strokes of her face, neck, hair, down her arms and across her breasts avoiding her sensitive nipples. His words were lost to her in the sensations of her body melting into His touch.

The first of many teases was making her get up to prepare them a light breakfast. He came to watch a bit, running His huge hands down the small of her back watching her shudder and respond to the simplest of touches. Forcing her to follow directions in normal activities despite wanting nothing more than His touch… His possession while her mind was struggling to complete simple tasks.

she struggled to eat more than a few bites as her body slowly began to settle again, yet desperately wanting His touch.

He pulled her close on the sofa again. Normal conversation about life flowed smoothly between them. He reached out to touch her face. The back of His hand cupping and stroking her cheek, slowly touching and caressing every part of her face until she was delirious, eyes closed, soft moans uncontrollably escaping her lips. He looked at her intently. Studying the contours of her face, each expression, His eyes intently staring into hers as she opened her eyes. she wanted Him to kiss her so desperately. Had she the words, she would have begged Him. Pulling her back against Him continuing to stroke and caress her with that gentle dominance He slipped His forefinger into her mouth. She sucked it greedily, passionately. His low growl urged her on as He continued to caress her. Then His middle finger… quickly followed by both deep in her sweet mouth. she sucked His fingers with delight, lost in the sensation of being in His arms, touched, held, and the joy of giving Him pleasure. His free hand caressing her breasts, beginning to pinch her nipples. Moans escaped her, pussy throbbing. He increased the pressure on her nipple telling her to tell Him where her limit was. A moan escaped her that told Him where it was. He quietly told her “I’m reading you.” There was nothing but Him and the sensations He gave her.

“Strip naked now, right now” growled into her ear. she quickly obeyed. He told her to turn so He could look at her, inspect her lady parts. He gave His approval followed by several shocking slaps on her ass. Wet, she was wet and ready for His pleasure… anything He would give her.

He spread His legs telling her to kneel between them. Eagerly she dropped to her knees, naked before Him. she looked up to Him eager, waiting for His next command. He opened His pants, pulling His cock out. Without a word, she went to suck on His beautiful cock. He stopped her with a low, “No.” She looked at His cock and back up at His face, “May I?” He sat quiet for moment before giving His approval. Always a good girl, she worshipped His cock. Sucking the head, the entire length deep throated until she gagged, pressure changes, great suction, a tiny bit of teeth. Sucking His balls until she had them both in her sweet mouth. Worshipping His cock and manhood. He came the first time and she licked His load from His cock before sucking more until He came a second time.

He held her before telling her to dress and get ready to leave for a bit. She didn’t say a word and quickly slipped into a dress without panties or a bra. her body was so turned on it was painful. Pussy soaked and gaping, ready for a hard fucking. He laughed and said being this uncomfortable is the state she should always be in. All she could do was moan a little and thank Him.

He took her to the mall. The busiest, most public place there is to tease her and torture her with caresses down her back making her shudder. The dominant guidance and touching of a man controlling His sub. Small talk of what’s to come. Complimenting her good behavior. Reminders to stand straight. He paraded her around proud of the looks they got strolling around in public. Alone in the elevator, she was silently wishing He’d fondle her right then and there. her entire body ached for Him to touch her beyond the innocuous caresses guiding and protecting her through the crowds.

Returning her safely at home, He ordered her to masturbate until she came after He left. How could she not obey this order? Dying to scream for Him. He held her tight again, stroking her face, kissing her forehead and a peck on the lips before her forehead again. Out the door He went.

Sitting on the sofa spellbound by the sensations running through her body when her phone rang. She answered and heard the voice of her BBC fuck toy. “Can I come see you?” he asked. she practically begged him to hurry over and fuck her, relieve her of the ache for Him that masturbation could not begin to cure. Within 15 minutes he walked in her front door.

Meanwhile, she texted Him asking if it turned Him on to have another man fuck her after He left her aching and dizzy? she knew well it would. He told her to get fucked and report back details.

Straight to bed. No small talk, just fucking. Begged him to fuck her hard and end her suffering. Fuck boy is vanilla and doesn’t understand the dynamics of being edged like this and thought it cruel. Laughing, she said it’s the best thing ever and begged him again to satisfy her.

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