Yes, I’m Snarky!

Roughly 10 years ago I decided I was tired of being grossly overweight and out of shape. I changed my lifestyle drastically. I got active walking 5-8 miles daily, going to the gym almost every day and getting my food plan back on track. I lost and maintained 120 pound weight loss for about 8 years. (I’ve gained 20 back since the pandemic.) I had … Continue reading Yes, I’m Snarky!

Weight Loss: The good, the bad, the ugly

Ohhhh… I remember well the days of New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight. I’d set a goal to make permanent changes in my lifestyle. Exercise more, eat less, change the type of foods I was eating. I wasn’t a fad dieter. Not ever, really. Except once in the mid 90’s I did the cabbage soup diet along with everyone else. lol It works because you’re … Continue reading Weight Loss: The good, the bad, the ugly