Feel Good Enough To Be Crabby

After two full days in bed, I woke up feeling better, but not good. I was at that point of feeling good enough to be crabby. Spent the day watching movies, snacking, napping and hiding out so I didn’t bite anyone. I almost succeeded! As the day drew on, I felt better and finally started getting things done I’ve been sitting on for a while. … Continue reading Feel Good Enough To Be Crabby

Luck of the Irish

A quiet day was needed here at the McDaddy house. We slept in late, ran as few errands as possible, spent time catching up on our favorite shows and just relaxing. It was the day we both needed. i couldn’t ask for more. Daddy lured me upstairs for a play session. That’s another post. 😉 Ravenous hunger set in after prodding me on to cook … Continue reading Luck of the Irish