Submission in the Mundane

i’m not going to lie and tell you that when i first entered the kink world i didn’t expect there to be a constant level of in kink in every aspect of my life. Having an online Dom as my first experience made it much easier to experience that. Now that i’m 3.5 years into a full time 24/7 Daddy/littlegirl relationship i find there is … Continue reading Submission in the Mundane

Look in My eyes, kitten! (18+, NSFW)

Daddy lulls me into submission with His smooth hypnotic voice commanding me to yield to Him. Be a good girl for Daddy and don’t struggle. His giant paws pinning both mine in one of His above my head. His other great paw scratching my tender white flesh leaving His mark before squeezing my nipples so hard my back arches and i beg for relief. Look Daddy in the … Continue reading Look in My eyes, kitten! (18+, NSFW)

Kinktastic! (18+, NSFW)

The draught has finally ended! A month without sex makes kitten a crabby girl. Daddy and i had rip snortig, wild cavorting sex that made the wait well worth it. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Earlier in the day we discussed adding some new elements into our dynamic. The sexual things helped light the fires and sparked creativity. i was the helpless victim of Daddy’s needs!!! Did i say … Continue reading Kinktastic! (18+, NSFW)

Attachment-Based Submission

I just read a great article by a Domme detailing the differences between experience-based submission and attachment-based submission. The article made me reflect on my style of submission and what makes me tick in that department. I am an attachment-based sub. I have a hard time understanding the headspace of being submissive without a partner to submit to or really needing to submit. I don’t … Continue reading Attachment-Based Submission

Obedient Slut (18+ ONLY)

Daddy had just left for work. Long hours ahead of me before His return. i looked around the house at the catch up housework after the weekend. Our weekends together are my off time, too. Few chores or expectations aside from being available to spend every moment possible with Daddy. This has been His command since early in our life together. “i’m cleaning the house, … Continue reading Obedient Slut (18+ ONLY)